It's a-me


Hello Friends!

I am a human, and I work on websites.

I’ve been working with web technologies since 2001, with a strong focus on the front end. For the last few years I’ve also been doing fullstack development.

I live in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. I’m currently doing contract/consulting work and spending some time on my own projects. If you want to work with me, please email me at

Outside of web work, I love to travel! I’ve visited 21 countries so far, and am always looking to add to that list. I’ve played bass in a few bands, previously in Low Lustre for a long time, and a shorter time in The Snails. Sadly, I’m not actively playing anywhere at the moment.

The Site

This latest version of the site uses KirbyCMS. It feels a lot like a static-site generator, but more juiced-up.

These days I’m into Digital Ocean for hosting most sites.