Bustify is a JavaScript that busts any image into a series of boxes. Right now the latest Webkit and Firefox browsers are supported, but its using Modernizr, so all supported browsers should work. Hover to bust 1 box at a time, click to explode them all. It’s a simple demo on 3D tranforms.

How to Use

Bustify takes a single object with options:

  width : 50,
  height: 50,
  intensity: 1,
  perspective: '300px'

width and height set the size of the blocks. Note that due to rounding issues, the resulting div may be larger than the original image.

intensity is a multiplier number that controls how far the blocks fly, and is based on the image width. 1 is equal to the image width.

perspective sets the 3D space perspective. It must include “px” to work in all browsers.