This is the home of my HTML5, CSS 3, and JavaScript Experiments. Feel free to dig around in my source code, I try to keep it pretty human-readable and well-commented.

Another way to kill space between inline-block elements

Exploring a new way to remove that space using a webfont.


A fun little canvas bauble with spinning orbs.

jQuery ViewMaster

A slideshow demo I put together to try out some jQuery manipulation of CSS3 rotation and translation.

3D CSS Menu

Another Webkit demo on 3D transforms. This one only fully works in Safari. Plus a :target gotcha that people were hiding from me.

Beard Painter

<canvas> facial-hair manipulation. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like, only more fun.

3D Transforms Slideshow

Another Webkit demo on 3D transforms, reproducing a short video snippet @hakimel threw into the twittersphere.

Pulsing Tiles Challenge

Reproducing a pulsing tiles thing my friend Carl made in Flash.

20-Sided Die

This is a Safari-only demo of Webkit 3D transforms (and a handful of other CSS3 goodies and JavaScript to make it fun).


Bustify is a JavaScript that busts any image into a series of boxes using Webkit 3D transforms.

JS1K Xmas 2010 Submission!

Here's my submission for the 2010 JS1K Xmas edition - Melty the Snowman.

Electric Blue

An extension of the eariler ball <canvas> experiment. This time focusing on interactivity and some trig functions.

Sticky Cursor Balls

The balls now stick to the cursor. I also reworked the balls code to include prototyping and other improvements.

<canvas> Ball-o-rama

An adventure in Object Oriented JavaScript, animating with <canvas>, and a thorough exploration of the Ball.

Beard Slider

Choose what kind of developer you'd like me to be! I range from lumberjack (axe not included) to Caravaggio boy with basket of fruit.

Rainbow Text-Shadow

A random experiment to see if I could use text shadow to create a shifting rainbow

jQuery Widow Fix Plugin

Widow Fix is a jQuery plugin I wrote to fix widows, or orphans, or whatever you call them—those single words on their own line.

JavaScript and HTML Banners

It’s only a matter of time before banners are created using HTML and JavaScript. A few simple banner animations that don't use Flash.

jSlots - Lucky 7's!

A little jQuery slot machine game I made. Also uses new HTML5 number input with the step attribute. In all my testing I never got all 3 7's.

Draggable, Drag and Drop Items

A look at the jQuery UI draggable plugin.

jQuery Easing Examples

A visual guide for all jQuery's easing options. Test them out to find the one you need.

CSS3 RGBA Colors

CSS3's RGBA gives us a new way to set opacity on an element. Best of all, it doesn't affect children like opacity did.